Daily blog #27

Fuel to the fire

It feels like yesterday was the day I started doing a daily blog which makes it hard to believe tomorrow will be my 40th blog post. It’s fascinating how quickly time can slip by. A quote comes to mind by one of the Greek philosophers, Seneca or Marcus Aurelius, that I can’t remember exactly (at 4:37AM as I write this) but it goes along the lines of how stingy people can be with material possessions but not their time, which they should actually frugal with. If you too consider “time” as a precious resource, deciding where you will invest it can be one of the most important decisions you will make.

For many of us, personal safety is important especially with all the chaos going on, some of you are probably wondering if your neighborhood is going to turn into CHAZ or CHOP. For less of you, it actually did… So in case any of you are thinking about where you should start, I can tell you that becoming a Jiu Jitsu black belt was the best investment I ever made, and it is illuminated by the many who are dominated by fear nowadays. You just can’t pay for the confidence, discipline, health and relationships that come with it I don’t care how much money you have. You can’t buy this kind of security. It’s tough yes, but well within your capacity.

One of the reasons I write this blog is to encourage you and others to start your Jiu Jitsu journey. As intimidating as it is, with the right school it will be the one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, I promise you. Most of you can afford 1-2 hours per day or every other and if you ever have to defend yourself you’ll be glad you did. But it’s more than self defense that will benefit you, it’s the lifestyle that comes with it. What price would you put on being in shape, being motivated, having healthier habits and good friends who hold you accountable? When you weigh the cost versus reward it’s really so simple, and with a good academy the time will pass quickly. Black belt will seem light years away but before you know it, a year or two passes and you’re a blue belt who is by then a true Jiu Jitsu addict.

Seeing the person you were when you started is oftentimes more than enough motivation to continue your journey and then all of sudden you could be a brown or black belt thinking about having your own academy. I talk about Jiu Jitsu because its an area that I understand and hold close to my heart but anything you choose to invest, think about how your life will actually benefit from it and then set your goal of 100 classes or daily blog posts. Before you know it you’ll have reached your goal and it’ll be time to set new ones. You will see a glimpse of the transformation ahead of you and it will be all the fuel you need to continue on your path to your own greatness that will have you feeling at your best. I’m sure Yoda would say something like “Powerful through the journey you will grow, but start, you must.” and he’s right!

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