Daily blog #26

Why do we fall?

Have you ever wondered to yourself.. What is the point of trying? Why bother? These questions that have crossed all of our minds at one time or another. Psychologist Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, concludes that man has a need for a deep sense of meaning in his life in order to feel fulfilled. He believes that this comes from a series of actions, rather than a state one achieves. Here are three necessities according to him.

  1. A project (create something)
  2. A redemptive outlook on suffering (your pain is for a reason).
  3. A community that loves and supports unconditionally (family)

It’s important to make the distinction that while life offers purpose and meaning, it does not promise happiness or fulfillment. Only by taking persistent action towards finding purpose and meaning we may feel fulfilled or happy but it is never a guarantee and like other feelings, they come and go. One thing is for certain, if we don’t try, we will surely never accomplish anything we desire. We can control our effort towards accomplishing the goal, not the outcome. By doing just that, we are providing ourselves with little victories and accomplishment that will ultimately lead to our success.

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