#226 Consistency

Recently I have been struggling to maintain any semblance of consistency with my blog. My goal is simple, one post a day with the only rule being that it must be done outside of my working hours. Plainly put, running a business in California, particularly a gym, during the pandemic has been an absolute nightmareContinue reading “#226 Consistency”

Together we are stronger #105

Today is my brother Steve’s birthday (the second oldest out of us four boys). In this digital age we don’t use photo albums so I went through my phone and dug up some photos dating back at least 10 years ago doing what we do best, training Muay Thai, competing, relaxing and having fun. It’sContinue reading “Together we are stronger #105”

Daily blog #99

The Chili Pepper of Martial Arts What is life without spice? For many of us it is dull. Oftentimes our most memorable moments are accompanied with some fire. Whether it was winning a marathon or simply finishing one it’s hardly that of tranquility and bliss. Quite the opposite in fact, which is the similarity itContinue reading “Daily blog #99”

White Belt Problems – Asking Too Many Questions…

Are you that white belt who asks too many questions? Because you’ll be glad to find that there is no such thing! Questioning the class material is a sign of interest, curiosity and that the student is really trying to understand the information. Though not always the case, many people, especially beginner students (the newContinue reading “White Belt Problems – Asking Too Many Questions…”