Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting #104

Many of us have seen Master Po, from the film Kung Fu Panda, embark on the a journey that pairs him up with the Furious Five and ultimately leads to his transformation of empowerment. In times like these, this age old story of Martial Arts, that has been time tested for thousands of years, couldn’tContinue reading “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting #104”

Daily blog #99

The Chili Pepper of Martial Arts What is life without spice? For many of us it is dull. Oftentimes our most memorable moments are accompanied with some fire. Whether it was winning a marathon or simply finishing one it’s hardly that of tranquility and bliss. Quite the opposite in fact, which is the similarity itContinue reading “Daily blog #99”

Daily blog #23

For the 23rd blog post I felt inspired to talk about the greatest athlete of all time, number 23, Michael Jordan but with all that’s going on and the amount of interest our Jiu Jitsu academy is receiving, I refocused my sights. In an earlier post I talked about how Cyber Bullying is not aContinue reading “Daily blog #23”