#226 Consistency

Recently I have been struggling to maintain any semblance of consistency with my blog. My goal is simple, one post a day with the only rule being that it must be done outside of my working hours. Plainly put, running a business in California, particularly a gym, during the pandemic has been an absolute nightmare emotionally, physically and financially. Allow me to say this, I’m not here to whine about my situation (there is opportunity in every dire circumstance) but merely to point out what many Americans are feeling. Something COVID-19 has certainly taught us is the value of our family and not just our blood but our tribe. If not for the many sensational souls at Hargett and Six Blades Jiu Jitsu La Quinta I would lack the accountability they provide. While it’s easy to tell someone to toughen up and be consistent (oftentimes this is needed), sometimes this has much to do with the circle of friends and family who surround and influence them. Some of you are truly sorry and need a hard kick in the pants to stop wasting your life. The rest of us, should understand that consistency comes not only from internal sources (self drive, motivation, inspiration) but external sources (family, culture, respect from your tribe) and can be greatly affected by selecting quality individuals to impact your decision making.

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