#227 Cold blooded

Nature is defined by balance. The world would not be what it was without having lush rainforests and deserts to contrast it. Without sun we would be a frozen wasteland and without night the world would turn into another furnace. So too within, as much as there is a warm side to humans, there is a cold and dark side. This side of us is not to be revered nor feared, it simply is. By acknowledging that we are all meant to do good all the time we detach ourselves from the reality that we like our ancestors have to fight and kill to survive. While “killing” nowadays can have little to do with drawing actual blood, our intentions to provide and excel above others and their tribes still exist. As far removed from the days of charging with swords as we are, the battlefield now is only different. A group of housewives might use their words and actions with the same intentions as a King who chooses to torture and behead his fallen opponent. Understand that even the most brutal of killers have performed acts of kindness and mercy so too have those with high moral ground engaged in ruthless and vicious acts against others, whether emotional or psychological. Accept that man is imperfect and there is a time for us to embrace our cold dark side as much as our warm fuzzy side. Balance is the only way.

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