#134 Your Best Effort

We’ve all heard some variation of the cliche “failure is not an option” but, is that really the case? In fact, it might be your most readily available option when facing challenge.

A better approach is to simply give your best every day in every task. As martial artists, as athletes, as business entrepreneurs, we all eventually learn that success comes from repeated efforts over a long period of time. In other words, Kaizen.

Young athletes in particular need to become familiar with trying their hardest in everything they do. Truth be told, sometimes your best is not enough and sometimes less than your best is. The exact formula you will never know.

What we do know is those who have achieved Olympic level success or changed the world with companies like Apple or Google, are familiar with giving their best more often than their competitors. Every detail, every shot, every match, nothing is left to chance.

Of course the imperfect beings that we are will all have our struggles. Diet, discipline, what have you. But what remains is the fact that we can always do better than the day before.

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