#135 Diligence

When we think of diligence, we often envision a quality held by those we respect. An example might be a hardworking student, mom or sister who is never late, takes care of their possessions and always keeps their word.

As humans, we all have a need to be respected and admired by the people in our circle, so as a parent, teacher or even employer, teaching someone how to be diligent becomes one of the greatest gifts. A quality that will go on to serve them for the rest of their lives, even in your absence.

There are two things you must know.

First you must practice what you preach. It is hard to listen to someone who makes little effort to follow their own advice.

Second you must understand that one can be diligent in one area and not another. One must strive to find a balance that works for them based on their goals and what is feasible. Start with what matters most. If it’s your health your food, exercise and sleep will become a priority.

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