#133 Lessons through struggle

If the Pan IBJJF championships have taught us something it is that we are all a “work in progress”.

This past week we witnessed past victors displaying a championship performance such as Gustavo Batista and new champions crowned such as Joshua Cisneros and Thiago Macedo.

Regardless of the outcome there are always lessons for both the winner and the loser. The reason being that both fighters endure struggle where the victor is determined by the slightest of margins. As Teddy Roosevelt States “it is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles…” in his famous Citizenship in a Republic speech given in Paris.

What both fighters understand is that “there is no effort without error and shortcoming” and everyone who participated in the event is undoubtedly on their way to being their most improved self, such is the Martial Artist way.

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