As a kid you didnt think twice before going zero to hundred.

As you age, you start to realize a sense of mortality, with that comes a natural inclination to be more conservative.

However, those who can “run from danger” or “lift heavy things and put them down” into their later years, maintain their youthfulness the longest.

The problem is… there is a misconception that HEAVY will make you BIG and SLOW when in fact the opposite is true.

Keep in mind, HEAVY DOES NOT MEAN a one rep maximum. Fifty percent of that can seem heavy with the right control and intention.

The misconception with FAST is much of the same. One can become faster by moving at a GREATER EFFICIENCY, or in more planes of motion as well as learning to move more quickly. Again MAXIMUM EFFORT is also never mentioned here.

The truth is, the same lifts that built the bodybuilders and strongmen have old are still around today while fitness fads come and go. The reason for them being… They work! Put your ego aside, commit to mastering the basics and you too can develop a gorilla physique that looks good and can pack a mean punch like the gentlemen below.

Meet Clarence, who’s face resembles the dad from That 70’s Show but physique would put most 20 and 30 year olds to shame… Rock on Clarence!

Clarence Bass (American author, writer and bodybuilder) at 81 years old!

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