#132 You got this.

Wrapping up the week of the Pans I am left in awe over so many impressive moments.

This was the year of upsets in the black belt finals with Thiago Macedo beating out World Champion Matheus Gabriel in the Featherweight division. American Joshua Cisneros taking out Pedro Dias in the Light-Featherweight division. Max Gimenis getting the win over Luiz Panza. And finally, Felipe Andrew upsetting Gustavo Batista in the finals of Open Class.

This weekend was home to incredible displays of technique, strategy and will but the greatest of all was in the masters division with Elaine Wynn, a 72 year old badass fighting in the jiu jitsu championships in Orlando Florida.

Not only is it inspiring to see but it is defiant of the rules we do often subscribe to. The reality is that we often are quite far off from what humans can actually achieve. Seeing the courageous ladies in the Master 7 (65+ division) is just another shining example of that.

Elaine Wynn (Jiu Jitsu grandma) doing what she loves!

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