#131 Blessings In Disguise

Today I woke up feeling great after the first 8 hours of sleep all week. Usually I manage with 4-6 hours a night, sometimes less. Nevertheless as I started going about my day, coffee, etc I started to feel a tightness in the left side of my back. I sat down on a chair and tried to twist and stretch it but rather than that chiropractic-esque pop that often provides relief, it tightened up even more.

No big deal, I started watching the IBJJF Pan Championships on Flo Grappling in Kissimmee Florida before heading off to teach a private lesson. I felt my back strain a couple times during the lesson but continued about my business. Next was Open Mat where I was able to perform some corrective exercises which provided enough relief to spar.

I felt it constantly during sparring but modified my strategy and positions to protect it which allowed me to work different aspects of my game. When I got done and started to cool down it was really seizing, just as I was about to start my lower body workout.

Just like my Jiu Jitsu training, I modified the exercises to still follow the plan without making my back worse. Not only did I complete my scheduled lifts for that day but felt significantly better than when I started which got me thinking.

Oftentimes, we look at these obstacles that come up in life and immediately adopt a “poor me” frame of mind which can get us out of doing things, like showing up to class, eating healthy or working out. But when we are able to see the positive aspect of the challenge or opportunity being presented to us, not only will it result in significant growth also come with a rewarding feeling.

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