#126 Train the mind to conquer the body

This weekend I helped my brother move to Austin. If you’ve ever moved an entire house, you know it is a challenge. Navigating large awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture (seemingly designed in the least ergonomic fashion) through doors, up and down stairs and into a u-haul is something everyone should experience.

You will quickly become familiar with heavy breathing, calluses, burning shoulders and forearms… If all goes well that is. If not you can easily get hurt picking something up or having something fall on you. It is an opportunity for the modern man to be exposed to the harsh realities of nature.

Life is not only hard, it demands a lot from everyone of us. Our salvation is to develop resilience daily and train our mind to continue when our bodies grow weary. That is the essence of fighting spirit.

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Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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