#127 Monday

It’s Monday here in the US of A!

Somewhere in the world people are sleeping as some are waking up.

Some are struggling and some are having the best day of their lives.

Some are slaving away while some are out of work.

Some are studying hard to educate themselves, some are wasting their years away.

Some are enjoying good health while some take their last breath.

Some are abusing themselves and others while some are being abused.

Some are getting on a plane while some have never imagined being in the sky.

Some are buying their first house, some are losing theirs.

Some are living peacefully while others are enduring the violent and bloody measures of war.

It’s just another day. Life has to have balance. Be grateful. Try to understand others. Pay it forward. Someone always has it worse and no one will work for your dreams. You can have everything and lose it all but as long as you can breathe there is a chance. Have a blessed day!

Published by chrishargettjj

Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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