#125 Bruised ego or bruised body?

With everything going on surrounding the riots, BLM, defund the police movement and law enforcement along there is an argument for law enforcement to become more capable physically as well as in hand to hand combat to prevent escalation and consequently the use of force.

While many of us are not in favor of actually defunding the police like hypocrites Alyssa Milano and the clowns from Minneapolis city council have shown, it doesn’t take a genius to spot the need for our heroes in blue to be better trained. Tim Kennedy gave this great analogy on the Joe Rogan podcast last month stating that defunding an underperforming school is not the solution.

With that said there are two things getting in the way of our police officers developing their Jiu Jitsu and many of you, particularly those in law enforcement who are interested, will be glad to know that you have a home at our Jiu Jitsu academy and gym in La Quinta, California.

1. Cops are typically cheap when it comes to investing in themselves (gym, nutrition, self defense, etc)

2. They have a large ego that prevents them from being “the white belt” in class.

What is comforting to know is that while working alongside Tim Kennedy as a Jiu Jitsu instructor for Austin PD SWAT which was an incredible experience and out of the 30 or so officers we worked with I was met with nothing but gratitude, humility and eagerness to learn.

We can all relate to having an ego, an ego is not all bad, with no sense of pride we would be spineless. The key is learning to control it as Ryan Holiday points out in his book Ego is the Enemy. As humans we all have a desire to be great or feel important and respected in some way and it can be valuable to us and others but we must understand that in order to achieve our own greatness we must expose ourselves and our weaknesses with the chief aim of making them better. “Get out of your comfort zone” as it is simply put. Only then are we capable of truly unlocking new heights for ourselves, rather than protecting our ego from reality.

Steve and I and Tim Kennedy with Austin PD SWAT.

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