#123 Psychology of Jiu Jitsu

While it’s well understood through the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) community, that Jiu Jitsu has a positive effect one’s mood I wanted to look further and find some sort of psychological backing as to why that is.

It is quite well known that exercise releases endorphins that are natural mood enhancers, one of the reasons many therapists will advocate or prescribe exercise for patients suffering from depression.

Also well documented are the benefits of meditation which are included in Jiu Jitsu practice as a lifelong practitioner and psychologist describes.

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson also speaks to the benefits of Martial Arts to individuals and particularly youth. Obviously due to the strength and empowerment that is attained as well as the moral lessons that one learns for life such as hard work, practice, taking risk, being resilient along with others.

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