#122 Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

In our world today governed by political correctness and man-shaming there is a longing for the times where it was not only accepted but encouraged to be a tough man. That doesn’t mean that because you are a rough and dangerous person you can’t also be a sweet person with a big heart. I know many who are military, professional athletes, police, fighters or successful businessmen who possess these traits.

Unfortunately due to many factors the young men today are not surrounded by strong men to teach them how to “be a man”. In ancient cultures a boy became a man as soon as he became a contributing member of society (fishing, hunting, building) by taking on responsibility for himself, his family and his tribe.

Nowadays it is shamed to be “a man”, the same type of people who won World War 1 and 2 are being socially ostracized in universities, the movies and the media. Being a male, and god forbid a white one, you are somehow labeled as having all these negative traits.

What this calls for is acceptance. Understanding that men and women both have biological differences and strengths while at the same time they can both have feminine or masculine traits. Being a martial artist, it is known that fighting is a male dominated art, after all it came from the warrior class who fought our battles. That doesn’t mean there is no place for women, some of whom still display feminine traits, as evident in the UFC, but historically men did the fighting and the dying.

What every man should know, is that you must learn:

1. How to provide. Without financial security you will not attract a suitable mate.

2. How to protect yourself and your loved ones. This involves hard training and hours of practice.

3. How to command the respect of your peers. This is necessary to be apart of a winning team, not a band of losers.

While there are endless ways we can continue to work on ourselves, these are some basics. There has never been a more important time to be a strong man so get to work, the clock is ticking!

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