Daily blog #83

It’s not what you know, but what you can prove –

There’s an old saying “those who can’t do, teach”, it was one of those things that seemed cool or funny to say but in actuality couldn’t be farther than the truth. While there may be some truth to that statement, in the case of a Jiu Jitsu instructor who’s body is broken from years of the sport and can’t “do”, teaching is actually one of the best ways to improve with minimal stress. I will even go as far as to say nothing will improve your understanding of the details quite like teaching. One way to think about it is that your students are one giant experiment! While many things sound good in theory, your student body will determine whether or not the concepts or techniques hold up in the ultimate test, sport. What this will go to show you is that it’s hardly about what you know but what you can apply. Going over the details of techniques with a fine tooth comb in order to simplify is what will allow students of any level to understand and execute the technique in first training and then hopefully the sport. By applying this scientific method you will not only benefit your students tremendously but also yourself. In the same way you derive skill from the action of repetition in the gym or sport, you will allow the most important details to become reinforced in your mind. Repeating things out loud has been a proven formula for success at the highest levels of sport and business!

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