Daily blog #82


There is a universal truth in regards to practicing any given skill. If you lift 100 pounds in the gym it is the same 100 pounds for the next guy, but with practice you will becomes stronger until it is too light for you. For the person who has worked diligently and consistently to be able to lift 300 pounds, 100 pounds will seem like nothing. So often I encounter young men and women who hold the belief that one is simply “born strong or fast or smart”. This type of thinking can be a huge detriment. Not only will it affect you negatively but you will begin to adopt the view that someone else’s achievement was a result of “luck or being in the right place at the right time” rather than acknowledging their effort. Even if there were some truth to the abilities they were blessed with, it should never affect how hard we work to survive and thrive in this world. The martial artist sees no opponent but his or herself, that is the real enemy you must overcome. The only way to do that is through consistent practice towards your passion compounded over a long period of time. Sure you will stumble and fail, but the reward of knowing that you gave your all is not only something to take pride in but will give you great satisfaction. As my brother from another mother tells me “practice, fail, repeat”.

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