Daily blog #84

Champion habits –

Ever since the beginning of time mankind has looked up to those who possessed extraordinary abilities of strength, wisdom, courage and many other desirable attributes. These were often the best fighters and hunters or leaders who commanded the respect of the tribe. Being the best at something has nothing to do with DNA and though it may predispose you to certain attributes there are certainly no guarantees that it will bring you to the top of the totem pole, in fact that is hardly the case. By studying the world’s best performers you will find that they are no more special than you or I. Often you will find that they had to overcome great adversity which helped them developed winning habits (working out frequently, nutrition, sleeping well, studying, etc) to give them a competitive edge in order to accomplish their goal. Like any goal, it won’t be accomplished overnight, instead look to make steady changes over time. For example, if you struggle drinking enough water each day, start with a daily goal for a month. When you experience success in one area, it’s easy to move onto another area such as getting enough sleep. Another useful tool is the ability to track your progress, click here to see this article from the the Harvard Business review on how a CEO overcame some of his. At the end of the day, it is within each of us to achieve greatness once we look at ourselves honestly and look to make daily improvements.

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