Daily blog #61

Patience is a virtue

Even for those of us who are more patient than others there come times when our patience is challenged. Covid19 is new territory for many of us who are now under more stressful circumstances financially, emotionally and physically which can also affect us negatively. It’s important to understand that impatience is not simply a lack of patience but rather something that is triggered by by life events. For example, I am currently dealing with an injury which is a factor in my work and career as well as life in general and I find myself reacting to it as opposed to “not having patience”. By recognizing it is not solely a personality trait it becomes easier to hone in on what specific event is causing you to react unfavorably. It will also allow you to estimate the lifespan of the event that is affecting you which can provide ease of mind, knowing that it will pass. One of our greatest fears is uncertainty which is cured by knowing what is causing us to lose our patience (or react impatiently I should say) and having an idea of when it will be over. Knowing that my emotions are in a higher gear due to my elbow and acknowledging that in 2-4 weeks I will likely have some clarity eases the burden that would naturally be hampering other aspects of my life.

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