Daily blog #62

Keep moving

A shark’s life is spent in constant motion naturally knowing that if it stops swimming, it sinks. Now we are certainly not sharks but the day will come when you want to stop going through the motions because you don’t feel like it. It happens to the best of us. But rather than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself dig deep and use every ounce of strength within you to keep moving forward. Without this persistence it is impossible to rediscover your motivation and purpose to fuel your vision. There’s a story of a man during the Gold Rush who stopped just 3 feet from one of the largest ore veins and went home, only to have his treasure discovered by another man. When he learned of his error he vowed never to make the same mistake which led him to becoming one of the most successful salesman in the nation. His secret, he learned not to take no for an answer. The same in life when we have to buckle down and keep marching despite what our feelings are telling us, only then may we look back void of regret that we didn’t give enough of ourselves in pursuit of our own happiness.

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