Daily blog #63


In some way we are all inspired by actions. Any accomplishment worthy of admiration began with a single action. The materialization of what started as a single idea is always a result of steps that took action. Of course without purpose action is often futile but one could argue that it’s better to act and learn from your mistakes than to do nothing at all. In sports when a player is paralyzed by indecision or fear we call this “choking”. A mentor of mine once said “I can work with a player who makes mistakes but someone who can’t make a decision…? I can put my grandma out there to do that with the ball”. Although there will always be exceptions to the rule, it’s far too often (in my experience) that you encounter those who dwell in the “inaction” end of the spectrum. Whether it’s fear or laziness keeping us from moving, we all want to be able to realize our success, sometimes this demands a push to get moving. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” -Isaac Newton.

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