Daily blog #64

Passions are burdens

Some days we wake up to find that the very thing we often enjoy, becomes a burden. Yes it could be discipline but maybe some days you don’t possess the energy to carry out your task. In my case this happens to be writing this very blog in the Austin airport. What you will be glad to know (I make up) is there is a trick. I do this actually with many things, often subconsciously. In my experience, the entirety of the task can seem daunting and is what prevents you from taking the initial step. The trick is to remember why you committed to the task in the first place. For a beginner in Jiu Jitsu the question could be, as you sit tired and hungry in your kitchen debating if you should skip class, “why did I even start this in the first place?”. By revisiting your “why” the reminder can often make accomplishment seem more achievable. In my case I committed to 100 days straight of blogging to get over my fear of writing. Reminding myself of this makes the requirements to be successful very low. After all, how hard can it be to type some gibberish and hit “Publish”? Anyone can do that. The same goes for a beginner practitioner who commits to going to class 2x a week. Some days your best is just showing up, but if you have a good sensei (teacher) they will be proud of your dedication by getting there despite feeling unmotivated. By the time you arrive, oftentimes you’ll want to participate but for many of us getting started is the hardest part.

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