Daily blog #42

Fight Day

It’s fight day and after a great sleep and some coffee I’m ready to start preparing for the rest of the day, starting with easy tasks like making my pullout bed and brushing my teeth. Life comes in waves, so after some hard weeks of training and working at Six Blades BJJ La Quinta and Team Hargett everything is for a moment calm, knowing the intensity of fighting that is to come. One of the most common questions fighters get asked is “Are you excited?” which for me is no. I can’t speak for the other fighters but if you analyze the most successful athletes (Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Khabib Nurmagomedov) you will find that their energy is not directed towards getting excited but rather exercising the poise of a champion. The experience of fighting in Fight to Win for the first time alongside my brother for the first time at black belt I’m sure will be exciting but my energy will be spent suppressing any emotion until the match is over. There are scientific reasons for this that I won’t cover in this post but having been around many successful athletes from high school to pro the common theme is that their ability to relax is what separates them. Like a lethal boxer or a cobra moments before it strikes there is no mind, no wasted energy, just a state of emptiness till the time comes. So today I will be happily enjoying moments with my brother and his wife the best I can, enjoying some good food, listening to music and maybe exploring Austin Texas a little bit till my moment arrives. Trust in your work and be happy.

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