Daily blog #43

Victory in Austin

Last night was a reminder, through experience, of why we fail. Why do we put ourselves through the nerves, the stress, the anxiety, the doubt, the pressure, the pain, the losses, the frustration, and the hard work? The price we pay is a never ending debt of sweat equity, you MUST work diligently and relentlessly just to have a fair chance. And then, just like that, the moment is gone and relief washes over you like a wave regardless of the outcome. If you lost you will undoubtedly be upset or sad but the uncomfortable feeling leading up to the fight is gone. You seldom hear fighters talk about this but there is a good feeling that comes with a loss due to the dissipation of the negative aspects that come with this fight game from weight cutting to just pure pain and fatigue. Fortunately both my brother and I both met success last night in outcomes that could not have been more contrast. My brother Steve, who has an intense warrior spirit, had a tough battle where he stood to lose a decision if he had not secured the win via a deep bow and arrow choke on his opponent with 30 seconds to spare. An unbelievable feeling, to dig deep and overcome the odds to emerge the victor. My match could not have been more different, lasting all but 60 seconds ending with a tight footlock that stood to shatter my opponent’s leg and ankle. Moments like this, especially being able to fight alongside my brother and come away with the win are what make the suffering worth it. It doesn’t always go your way but if you have the persistence to continue no matter how beaten down you are, your time will come. This is one of the special parts of competition, being able to accomplish what you put your mind to in a way that is both physical, spiritual and intellectual. What makes us special is nothing, the truth is we are all fighters who suffer daily. All you have to do to join the club is attend your first Jiu Jitsu lesson and see where it takes you. At the end of the day we are all humans, capable of superhuman things from an honest day’s work and being around the right people. As I type we are getting ready to arrive by car in Fort Worth, Dallas to indulge in some great food with better company while we watch UFC 251 with our family from Six Blades North Texas. An evening that will no doubt be full of laughter, friendship and memories with your average Joe and Jane who live the Martial Arts lifestyle.

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