#211 Technique and f*** it!

Everyone at some level or another learns that there is a level of technique needed to be proficient in any given discipline. There also comes the time when you need to say fuck it and just “GO!”. As much as there is a need to be precise and calculated, the day will come where itContinue reading “#211 Technique and f*** it!”

#200 Approach BJJ slowly but surely.

As a teacher of the gentle art of BJJ, nothing is more inspiring than meeting a student who from Day 1 is full of desire and passion to master this incredible art that gives one the ability to control and strangle or break limbs of a larger opponent. Unfortunately it is rare that new studentsContinue reading “#200 Approach BJJ slowly but surely.”

#198 Having a plan for BJJ

As BJJ artists, we will all inevitably find ourselves in times where our focused becomes one hundred percent dedicated towards improvement. Perhaps it was a disappointing loss, an injury, frustration that you are not progressing at the rate you feel you should, all of which resulting in an opportunity for you to step back andContinue reading “#198 Having a plan for BJJ”

#190 Your Bjj school is full of egotists…

As students, we all develop a natural fondness for our senseis. It is expected. However, not all teachers’ intentions are in the interest of the school and the students. Unfortunately this can discourage many students from sticking to a journey that is actually right for them, if they only had a different academy with instructorsContinue reading “#190 Your Bjj school is full of egotists…”

#189 Are you efficient or effective?

Early on in my career as a strength and conditioning coach, there was something I became quickly aware of despite my lack of knowledge or education in the field. It was something I came across perhaps flipping through Zatsiorsky’s work and soon after by my own two eyes. It was the contrast between those typesContinue reading “#189 Are you efficient or effective?”

#188 Pressure makes BJJ diamonds

Martial Artists understand that there cannot be growth without struggle. This is an inescapable feature of being human. Harsh conditions make a man hard in the mind and body, too much comfort makes him soft and weak. Luckily for all, there is a safe and friendly environment that invites all to develop themselves in thisContinue reading “#188 Pressure makes BJJ diamonds”

#187 I want my kid to learn BJJ but I’m afraid of them…

Many parents are well intentioned when it comes to their kids. Sometimes however, their desire to please them can work against their favor. Lets imagine two sets of parents who both carry a considerable amount of care for their child yet go about it in entirely different ways. One parent, loves their child so muchContinue reading “#187 I want my kid to learn BJJ but I’m afraid of them…”

#186 Getting beat up versus making progress in BJJ

In BJJ there is an idea, met with wide agreement, that if you have tough training partners to beat you up, you will surely get better at Jiu Jitsu. It sounds good on the surface but fails to pass standard reasoning. Legendary Strength Coach Dan John once told me at a workshop “anyone can makeContinue reading “#186 Getting beat up versus making progress in BJJ”

#185 How important is getting out of your comfort zone in BJJ?

Like the sport of BJJ, life continues to evolve before our eyes leaving us with two main choices. Growth or stagnation. As the cliche saying goes “If you aren’t going forward you’re going backward.”. At our gym which conveniently says, “It’s not a gym.”, there is a canvas on the wall with beautiful artwork doneContinue reading “#185 How important is getting out of your comfort zone in BJJ?”

#168 “You win or you learn”

Oftentimes you will hear a coach or a family member repeat this phrase “you win or you learn”. While there is truth to the idea that losses can highlight areas of weakness, making you reevaluate your process more deeply, it is not to say that this is only possible through losing. In fact, it isContinue reading “#168 “You win or you learn””