#188 Pressure makes BJJ diamonds

Martial Artists understand that there cannot be growth without struggle. This is an inescapable feature of being human. Harsh conditions make a man hard in the mind and body, too much comfort makes him soft and weak. Luckily for all, there is a safe and friendly environment that invites all to develop themselves in this fashion, that is the BJJ community.

In BJJ, one thing is certain, you can expect ALOT of struggle. So much to the point you ask yourself questions like “What is the point of this? Am I even making progress? No one sucks as much as I do for how long I’ve been training.” and the list goes on.

Like diamonds which come from an ordinary rock, formed by pressure, heat and time, we humans too are molded by our adversities through the Gentle Art of BJJ which at times, doesn’t seem all that gentle. In fact, when you’re getting mounted and smashed and choked it can seem far from it.

It is also true that as human beings we are all faced with difficulty and occasionally insurmountable odds which, can define us and result in our best version with the right perspective. Our “diamond” version if you will. Other perspectives can make us ask “Why is this happening to me?” while affirming the unfairness of the situation.

What many lifelong BJJ practitioners know, is that the lessons learned through the journey of BJJ are priceless. It’s not so easy to start and get a black belt and much less continue after receiving it. Especially without having developed yourself in many ways. Jiu Jitsu, rather demands that you one day graduate from that seemingly worthless piece of carbon into a beautiful and indestructible diamond with an incredibly high value.

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