#246 Jiu Jitsu Flow

During your Jiu Jitsu Journey you will eventually begin to hear the term “flow” being thrown around. Despite it’s many interpretations, Flow can described as constantly searching for “the right way” or “the best way” to do something. In the words of Jigoro Kano “Maximum efficiency and maximum effectiveness”. Flow means searching for the way rather than predetermining it. The difficulty in application for many, lies in the fact than many people preach the idea that there is no strength involved when you flow, when this is far from true. Combat isn’t pretty and there is still a need to get the job done while sparing as much energy as possible. The solution is when training, to form the mindset that your time is best spent finding the easiest way to accomplish something while ensuring that you do everything in your power to accomplish it. This means accepting that “the best way” is yet to be found in order to allow yourself to make constant adjustments to reach your end goal more easily. This will result in not only less frustration but in far more progress than simply performing techniques the way you have.

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