#229 Just roll with it

It’s the last day of training for the week, everything is feeling great, you are at your best physically, mentally and even feeling motivated. Then, crash!!! You are reminded of your mortality by a snap, crackle pop. As the realization of an injury sets in, negative thoughts begin to fill your mind. This is only the beginning, later on the pain begins to set in filling you with even more doubt of whether or not you are really made for this sport.

What happened to the days where you almost never got injured? Truth be told, injuries occur when you least expect it but there is always something to be gained by them. You must never allow your thinking to shift from how you plan to overcome the situation you have been dealt. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself because your competitors are out there training as you recover, think about how you will use this moment to become your wiser, more determined self. As Jordan Peterson puts it “Life is about learning lessons through struggle” and that is exactly what injuries are. Like many of life’s unchosen circumstances, they will in fact define you but you get to choose how.

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