#230 Embracing the struggles of BJJ

Regardless of who you are when you begin your Jiu Jitsu journey, one thing is certain. The person who emerges after years of hard training, dedication, blood sweat and tears is undoubtedly your better self, so long as you maintain the mindset of daily improvement.

If your goal is to be a gym-hero, smashing every student that crosses your path, it’s not to say that you will not achieve a high level of BJJ but rather that you will fail to learn many of the valuable lessons that occur through struggle and hardship.

When you seek to improve, you will be tested far more than those who stay in their comfort zone. A great example of this is students who use practice to develop their weakest positions as opposed to their strongest. While you will no doubt endure significantly more difficulty than in your most trying positions, you will also receive much faster and greater improvement.

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