#225 BJJ Building Blocks

A couple years ago I was in Texas, Fort Worth learning from a friend who, over the last 20 years as a black belt, had developed a teaching methodology that I was interested in learning. He called this method “The Block” method. What is was, was a way of chaining together a “Start to Finish” blueprint for his students, starting on the feet and ending in submission. Sounds simple enough, and the beauty is, that it is! Below are a few example blocks that could make up a 3-6 week plan for your BJJ students.

Block 1:

Double leg takedown

Torreando pass to knee on stomach


Block 2:

Single leg takedown

Torreando pass to knee on stomach


Block 3:

Single leg takedown

Torreando pass to side mount


While those of us who are more experienced may find this style far too simplistic, it allows for great flexibility to accommodate for ones skill level. For example, an advanced student may have 4-5 set ups for a double leg and reactions to the partners defensive counters, this can make their 3 moves 12-15 where the beginner is still trying to understand the concept of getting on top, passing the legs and working towards a pin (side mount, mount) and ultimately a submission. In my experience I find this works great at a youth level as well as an adult level although you will have to give kids considerably less detail.

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