#226 Don’t have an ego in the gym, the weights will win..

Practice, practice practice. This is true for CrossFitters, Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Weightlifters alike. So why is this message lost on the general public? Why does training have to be a contest between who can lift the most weight or who can perform the most ridiculous exercise? Because if you walk into your average box gym this is what you will see.

When dealing with weights, just as with fighting, ego will get you killed. Pushing yourself is important but not at the expense of technique and certainly not to impress anyone around you. Training is meant to serve a purpose, strength, physique, confidence, health, resilience and the list goes on. While there is no greater feeling than throwing a few plates on and repping out some deadlifts, one must always remember that the weights will outlive all of us. Remove any need for ego and come into the gym with the mindset of learning and giving your best. Just as in a Martial Arts academy, it will serve you well.

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