#224 State the problem

While studying Jiu Jitsu and watching Gordon Ryan’s Attacking the Guard series on BJJ Fanatics one of the things that impressed me was Gordon’s ability to clearly state the problems in each position. While many positions in Jiu Jitsu come with their own complexities I am in agreement with John Danaher that each position contains a main and central problem that must be solved above all else. This makes navigating through tricky positions easier knowing that you have but one task above all else. For example when attacking your opponents back, the main goal for them is to remove the chest to back position you have established. If they are to accomplish this you will no longer be in control of the back, rendering any attacks from the position futile. When troubleshooting your weaknessses, look to identify the problem that stops your advancement more than any of the others and your ability to find a solution will likely come with it.

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