#152 It feels good

I encountered the same feeling, while doing my taxes last month, waking every day dreading what I had to do. On the LAST day of my extended deadline (October 15th) I mailed my documents to the IRS and was then met with the euphoria that follows any victory.

As I sit in my new place of residence I am filled with a deep feeling of accomplishment. This may be strange to some, all I did was move out of my apartment and into another. And while there is still much left to do, the problem solving and stress that overcomes meeting a deadline leaves me with a good achievement.

If only everyone knew that these battles, no matter how small, can result in the grand feeling of achievement that many of us so desperately need. Especially in regards to feeling respected. Something as small as making your bed in the morning, cleaning your bathroom, purging your wardrobe. While they are sometimes things we don’t want to do, they all contribute towards the feeling of competence and self worth that we all need, as well as being things we should do nonetheless.

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Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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