#153 Intensity

Have the kind of passion that sets the world on fire. -Dalai Lama

Determination, spirit, the will to win are all characteristic of each of our heroes. A burning desire or a “never say die” attitude keeps them in the fight no matter how bleak the future may seem. A champion with no intensity is like a car with no gas, rather than performance you get a decorative object.

Would Rocky Balboa be the Rocky we know and love if he didn’t summon his inner strength to get up and fight no matter how many times he got knocked down?

Would Ali be considered the greatest of all time without being able to withstand the relentless attacks of George Foreman to then capitalize in the later rounds?

What some of us fail to see is that we too can possess these qualities. We are all capable of great things while at the same time victim to our conditioning. The key thing to know is that the intensity we desire, is the result of repeated failures and repeated challenges. Only through adversity do we develop a hunger known to a battle tested warrior that.

For a warrior, that hunger is no different than a currency that can be traded for that which he or she so desires. And we are all warriors, so long as we choose to fight.

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