#151 Move out day

Today is the last day I plan on being at my apartment which has been my home for the past 4 years.

It’s made me realize that less is more as well as given me perspective on what a young man needs to live. Arguable but bear with me.

1. Bed… or square area that is clean-ish.

2. TV (you can get by with a smart phone or tablet 🤷🏻‍♂️)

3. Clothes/ SHOES 😉

4. Food.

5. Bathroom supplies (mainly toilet paper… and some soap) throw some Febreeze in there and never run out! Air freshener takes precedence over TP!

Now, this list could be shorter seeing as my brother survived spending nights in the dirt in Iraq getting sand in his underwear and weekly or bi-weekly showers.

Also if you have a significant other prepare to hoard endless amounts of things you could care less about like vases and candle holders or baskets to put other baskets in essentially turning your apartment or house into one never ending Russian doll.

At a stage in my life where mobility is key I was pleasantly surprised to find that I own very little besides tv, bed, shoes, clothes and books… Oh and guns 🙂

This leaves me with the realization that as young men we undervalue simplicity as we go about adding more complexity to our lives.

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