#139 Stress Made

You know the old saying “it can make you or break you” ?

It’s true…

Stress is a part of life. Ever since the beginning of mankind when we were hunting, building and trying to survive.

Just like going to the gym and stressing your muscles with exercise you may wake up sore, but you will become stronger over time. The day may even come when you hardly get sore.


It will break you, you will quit and resume your life as the meaningless pile of bones, tissue and blood you were.


You look forward to stress, you crave it. As much as life is about balance, you know that hard times do create strong people and so many beautiful works of art and masterpieces of our time have come through hardship.

Whatever you are going through. It will pass and you will be stronger from it. One day, you may even look back and laugh about the most challenging times in your life while at the same time being glad that you endured it.

Endure, adapt and overcome, it’s the path to freedom… And sometimes it’s the best we got.

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Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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