#138 Rags to Riches

Tonight I witnessed Brian Ortega versus Chan Sung Jung, more commonly known as the the Korean Zombie.

Ortega had a flawless performance displaying his much improved striking since losing to Max Holloway in a title fight that awarded Ortega his first and only loss.

I remember seeing Brian Ortega fight in some Jiu Jitsu tournaments and displaying the kind of grit and tenacity he is known for.

Ortega grew up in Los Angeles, California where he was no stranger to gang violence and death. Seeing him take apart one of the toughest fighters in the ultra competitive UFC Featherweight division shows the possibilities for anyone with Jiu Jitsu, heart, and a dream.

Congratulations Brian on a stellar performance and a well deserved victory. It’s inspiring to see hard working people like him start from the bottom and work their way to the top only to check their ego and focus on giving back to the community.

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