Iron sharpens iron #110

One of the hardest things in life is to simplify. Whether it is communicating, teaching Jiu Jitsu or creating a fitness program we find ourselves facing the same challenge. Ironically as I mention health I am also sitting in the drive-thru at my local In n Out burger ready to inhale a 4×4 and shake with animal style fries.

Sitting in the drive-thru I couldn’t help but notice the simplicity of the In n Out menu. When compared with Carl’s Jr or Jack in the Box where you can get everything from tacos to apple pies it’s no surprise every In n Out is packed. Even throughout Covid-19 the In n Our drive-thru line managed to stay packed. Simple is always cool, never “basic” as they woke people like to call it.

My conclusion is that simplicity boils down to mastery of the basics, an endeavor few are willing to take. When my brother Steve and I formed our company Hargett we included the tagline “it’s not a gym” because we aspired for a culture built around education and practice regarding strength and health. You will. Not experience this at your typical box gym which is riddled with insecurities, egos and confusion.

In anything, when we aspire for mastery, we are forced to simplify by breaking down again and again. Like a swordsmith who pounds on a katana millions of times to craft the razor sharp blade fit for a samurai, we too must take a beating to produce the beautiful result. Pressure makes diamonds.

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