Positive Vibe Tribe #109

There’s no question that hard times create strong men. But you don’t have to go to war to have a hard time when war is wherever you are. To understand this better, let’s look at the samurai who were warriors of their day and placed a high value on honor.

Samurai means servant, but they were also fighters who served the community in many ways. They lived their lives according to Bushido (way of the warrior) and it’s essence is “to die”. Their reasoning was that in life you are constantly faced with two choices life or death. While many of our choices are certainly not, it is much harder to act positively especially when faced with negative emotions or actions.

When you start to view positivity as strength. Things will start to change. A kind deed, a compliment, a favor will all amount to the power that is inside you but doesn’t reach others. Your new wars will be fought and won with the sword of a good attitude and positive thought.

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