Daily blog #98

Me (Left), Xande (Middle), my brother Steve (Right) after winning our fights at Fight 2 Win in Austin

Jiu Jitsu GOAT-

Today I was inspired watching my Sensei Xande Ribeiro on his new show on FloGrappling. He left no stone unturned discussing everything from nutrition to sleep, mindset, his training regiment, along with his new Six Blades association and academy in Austin. I cannot recommend it more, not only to the BJJ enthusiast but anyone who is continually seeking improvement. He exemplifies balance in Jiu Jitsu in life going from pushing the limits in training to enjoying an ice cream to nourish your mind. For those of you who don’t know Xande as an IBJJF Hall of Famer along with his brother Saulo, his accomplishments in Jiu Jitsu are unprecedented. He boasts 7 IBJJF World Championships titles (2 Absolute), 5 Pan American Championships and 2 ADCC gold medals. One thing however, that can’t be gauged by a medal is the fact that he has not only been competing for nearly 2 decades in the adult division but dominating. Here is a little clip of some of his beautiful work being displayed. But beyond his flawless Jiu Jitsu there is much the average person can benefit from his teaching and while you must have a FloGrappling account to watch “The Xande Show”, here is an interview worth watching where he discusses Mindset of a Champion and Martial Artist.

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