Daily blog #96

One hand washes the other

Today was both one of the happiest and saddest days of my life.

One of those days in which the sheer memory gives you goosebumps…

As a Jiu Jitsu instructor it is common to receive praise from students or their parents for your efforts which has always, for lack of a better word, given me an uncomfortable feeling.

This sounds bizarre and I’m not settled on “uncomfortable” yet as the descriptive word but I’ll explain why.

It’s not often you hear teachers explain to their students the symbiotic nature of teaching is. In so many ways but I’ll name a few.

1. Nothing is “known” rather everything is in the process of being discovered, without your students it is hard to grow.

2. The students or their families often contribute to you financially among other ways.

3. We can all agree Jiu Jitsu by oneself is not only boring, it is not Jiu Jitsu! I’m sure COVID-19 has taught everyone that.

4. Related to “3.” Your growth in Jiu Jitsu is 100% dependent on others to sparr with or teach.

5. The stronger you can make your students, the better they will make you.

For these reasons I feel it should be mutually understood that without them, there is little to gain. Their success could be the least we instructors should offer. One could argue it is our soul purpose. So while I’m torn to see these wonderful people go, I’m happy for them as well as the many wonderful memories we’ve shared. The Jiu Jitsu community is truly blessed to have these warriors!

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