Daily blog #73


People love to give advice, it can come in the form of a well intentioned person who truly wants to help you in some way. In many cases it can be beneficial but without your clear sense of purpose it is like a ship with no compass and no sails drifting at sea. Through knowledge of your true chief aim can you determine whether to sleep more or less, exercise more, work harder or stop everything and take a vacation. Life is a never ending journey and everything has a price. There is a cost to a good nights sleep as there is a full day of work. The question will always be, to which there is no right answer, “to what does it serve?”. What is perfectly balanced in one moment might be out of balanced the next. The furious pace of your twenties might not work in your later years but it’s your wave to ride and find out. One thing you can’t do is “tell” someone how to balance. They have to do it for themselves.

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