Daily blog #72

Good times ahead

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in the sunny Coachella Valley, perfect day to barbecue some spicy brats or go to the pool if you haven’t already escaped the heat like many. As I get ready to head over to my parents for some good food I can’t help but notice the way I feel today in comparison to a couple weeks ago. Not that anything was particularly wrong but after a tough loss and struggling with my elbow along with the stress of running a business it can all add up. It never hurts to remind yourself how quickly a things can change and to stay positive, do your best and know that whatever you’re going through will soon pass. Although being positive won’t necessarily help your situation, being negative surely won’t. Now that my elbow is feeling better I can start training tomorrow after taking the past few weeks off and just like that, things are starting to seem a little brighter. So hang tough out there, survival is the name of the game! Endure and know that good times are around the corner. Happy Sunday!

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Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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