Daily blog #55

Growth in a public gym

We all enjoy the comfort of routine to some degree, some of us more than others. As humans, one of the things we are least fond of is uncertainty. Most of us are aware that life can take you out of your comfort zone which although uncomfortable can be a great time to experience growth in some way. Maybe you’re on the road or have guests which can require you to be adaptive and be creative about how you maintain your nutrition, training plan etc. In my case, I am currently in Colorado Springs for a seminar my brother is teaching at Six Blades Jiu Jitsu Colorado Springs. This leads to me to improvise in regards to my eating, hydration, daily routine and in this morning’s case, my lower body training session. Fortunately I had access to a beautiful facility VASA Fitness. Although the gym was great, it’s not home, which means besides having to find equipment and wait for someone to get done, you have to modify exercises. On top of that I am dealing with a small injury which is also a factor. This can be viewed as a major inconvenience but it benefits me as a strength coach, someone who wants to be healthy and an athlete. There are always times when things are going to be less than ideal but we can use it as an opportunity to grow and evolve our skills which will further our mission to be in good shape or rehabilitate an injury or what may you. The mind is such a powerful tool and when we commit to embracing challenge we stay on the path towards our best version which is all we can control in the crazy world.

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