Daily blog #52

Hell of a life

During tough times like these for many (post Covid19 ), one of the best qualities we can strive for is gratitude. We must fight to be grateful to have made it this far in life, grateful to have a chance to do something with it, grateful to possess gifts others do not. This quality is at the heart of every Martial Artist, without it how can you discern the good from bad? There are times to even be thankful for bad! You can see how now more than ever, we live in a time where much of the craziness in the world is beyond our control which can make it easy to lose sight of the things that impact our our lives in a positive way such as time with family. Nature is merciless and every day is an opportunity to live a life beyond our wildest dreams. While I prefer to be optimistic it’s worth mentioning that there are guarantees that life will be for the better. So we take each day for what it is and work towards the best while knowing much is out of our hands. The best we can do is take advantage of every day, putting negative experiences behind us and working towards great ones. In fighting, there is winning and there is the feeling that you did everything you could, the only difference is that one is attainable for each and every human being while the other is determined by many factors. The result of both is a high level of self worth and respect, something that is deserved by all who are willing to pay the price.

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