Daily blog #40

On the road again

Today some of the crew and I leave for Austin, Texas where my brother and I will be fighting on the Fight 2 Win BJJ card this Friday night. I love traveling, I love getting on planes, going to new places, staying in hotels, but at the same time I don’t. Most of us enjoy seeing new sights, trying new food and also having someone clean our room every day (especially that one) but there can come a point where you start to crave routine and structure. Now, if you don’t have a daily schedule that you follow, you might not. I remember a time when it felt great to sleep till noon and wake up to a box of cereal followed by video games or tv and movies… But life evolves for all of us, usually into one that hopefully involves more responsibility which will require that we structure our lives to be more efficient. Although it takes work, it is rewarding so when we lose that feeling of accomplishment it’s only natural begin to miss the way you felt when you were sticking to your regimen. So while I will be enjoying plenty of barbecue and doing what I do best, part of me is looking forward to having that 330AM alarm go off so I can start feeling like my most productive self again.

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