Daily blog #39

Writer’s block doesn’t exist

How hard could forming some coherent thoughts and writing them out be? Well, if you are a perfectionist the task can be damn near impossible some days. It can also be one of the best things to help you put your ego aside and say your piece. If your expression stems from your beliefs, it will be meaningful to someone. I myself am quite active on social media posting a minimum of once a day on most platforms, which results in the same conundrum. What has helped me the most is to remind myself of how my post can provide value to others which anyone of us could do easily by giving them something to laugh at like an embarrassing photo. This makes it much easier to procure content that will benefit your audience. In previous years I would try to post something I thought was cool, hoping to get the most amount of likes which almost always backfires. At the end of the day your medium is your craft and practice makes permanent. To use an Andrew Cuomo parallel “if it benefits one life it was worth it”… Lol. But really, if you have a message and and medium you know that consistency is the only way and we can all benefit someone. Occasionally ourselves at the cost of a lesson so don’t allow “writers block” to give you an excuse that will stop you in your tracks. You miss all the shots you don’t take as Wayne Gretzky says, so don’t allow yourself to be the one that stops you from your mission.

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