Daily blog #15

Fridays are for fighting, family & food

TGIF! Or so they say… The only day of the week accompanied by a natural feeling of excitement. Weekend getaways, the end of a work or school week, seeing friends or maybe it’s the only time you have to exercise or spend time with your family.. For many who don’t share an activity with their family it can get dull or lonely. I mean, going to parties has it’s fun but the same scene every weekend as you get fatter, softer and slower doesn’t sit right with everyone. It’s in our nature to celebrate victory but there is nothing like when it follows a great accomplishment. Fighting followed by great food can be a hell of a time. This afternoon at www.laquintajiujitsu.com we have a “violent hugging” session planned, followed by some delicious Sicilian style pizzas made fresh by my brother from another mother Ulysses. If you are in the Coachella Valley definitely check him out for the best pizza delivery. We’ll spend our time watching my brother Victor Hugo, the best Jiu Jitsu fighter in the world, go to war in the Fight2WinBJJ event. There isn’t much to hard work, good food and great company but it’s something most of us can appreciate. Enjoy your weekend which I hope is full of wonderful memories shared with family and friends, if you shared Jiu Jitsu, even better.

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